1.When purchasing a burglar alarm system for your business, be sure to ask your provider if they use proprietary equipment. If they do, consider this a red flag. The proprietary equipment they will use is the same equipment provided by other companies.  The only difference is that they have installed a code within the system that will force you to use them for all future service.  All major brands of security equipment are available to you without being proprietary.

2. Most new security systems can be accessed remotely. Be sure the equipment you are purchasing is up to date and can integrate with future upgrades you may be considering for your business. Work with your integrater to take full advantage of the capabilities your system offers.

3. Consider partitioning your system if you have employees that work late shifts and don’t need access to the entire building. This will help increase the safety of your employees and will also reduce the risk of employee theft.

4. If you have outdoor storage or any valuables located outside your building, perimeter protection is a must. Wireless video surveillance, photo beams and gate control are good solutions to help keep the perimeter of your building safe.

5.Video verified alarms get a quicker response from the police than the standard alarm system. Consider installing Videofied or Total Connect + if you have a facility that should not be accessd during certain hours of the day. This solution is perfect for warehouses, vacant buildings, office buildings, outdoor construction sites etc…

6. Make sure your contractor is licensed and insured. The State of Georgia has very little regulation for alarm companies and you want to make sure the company you are working with has a low voltage license.

7. Virtually all Burglar Alarm Installation Companies require you to sign a contract. NorthStar has both contract and no contract options.  Contracts are often a great option, but be forwarned that almost all monitoring contracts you sign will autorenew for 1 year once your initial term is up.  This is to ensure that there is not a laps in your monitoring. Most contracts autorenew 30 days prior to your contract expiring, so mark the day on your calendar.  This is the time you want to call to discuss lowering your monitoring rate or switching to another provider.

8. Video Surveillance is an important addition to your security. When shopping for cameras, ask to see a demo so that you will know what you are buying. A good consultant will take lighting and other environmental factors into consideration when designing your system. A reputable company should be able to provide you with examples of work they have done in similar environments.

9. Many counties require you to have a monitored fire system installed in your commercial facility. If you need to install a fire system be sure to work with your security provider so that they can integrate it with your security system. There are many cost saving solutions your security provider can offer you as apposed to calling a sepreate company for your fire system.

10. If you are in the construction or renovation phase of a project, be sure to contact your security provider before the work is complete. You may be able to save a lot of money by pre-wireing your building before the drywall is up.

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